Philosophical consideration of Eucharistic Consecration
(12-13-2016, 11:02 AM)aquinas138 Wrote: I think the fact that the other chalices are placed on the altar is sufficient to assume the intention to consecrate the wine therein. A bottle of wine left in the sacristy obviously would not be.

Thank you for your response.  While intention may be something to consider, it is not at the heart of the topic.  I am interested in discussing whether the vessels which are placed in a separate place contain valid matter.  Part of the consideration of matter is its own accidents: i.e., locus or location.  My interest is the philosophical standard as to when location invalidates the matter.  My proposition as to the answer is that any separation or division which in common sense one would label the first group "this" and the second group "that" invalidates the matter for consecration.

-- Nicole

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