The Beginning of the End for Bergoglio and His Men?
(12-09-2016, 04:51 PM)aquinas138 Wrote: [quote='Eric F' pid='1330294' dateline='1481312094']It's hard to take such a ban as anything other than cynical posturing if it is not accompanied by concrete actions to suspend and probably laicize those already ordained as priests and bishops who defile their office with sexual misdeeds. The ancient canons required this; somewhere along the way we started giving very wide latitude to clerical malfeasance. The ancient Church taught, as St. Paul taught, that men who dare to receive ordination should be above reproach. It opens the Church's salvific mission open to ridicule and undermines its saving mission to have so many clergymen fooling around. A ban is fine in itself, but there is a not-insignificant number of men already ordained causing scandal.

I would imagine there are some bishops who would like to do that, but if they did, they would be unable to staff their parishes. If my diocese had 30 more good priests, then the ones who weren't so good, many of whom I suspect are homosexuals, then the ones my former bishop didn't push into retirement would probably be encouraged to retire or loaned to other dioceses that want them. As it is, priests are stretched way too thin. They simply cannot be stretched any further.  I've seen what happens when priests are truly stretched too far. It doesn't end well. The bishops either have to wait it out and get new priests, which my diocese is doing very well at these days, or they have to close a bunch of parishes. To a good bishop, closing parishes really should be a last resort. It is much easier for a parish to recover from a bad priest than it is for a parish to be re-established.

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