What if we’ve been wrong about ‘Amoris’ all along?
(02-08-2017, 08:30 PM)austenbosten Wrote: Don't need another neo-Catholic telling me I need to "re-read in light of Church Tradition."  Let your yeahs, be yeahs, and nays, be nays.

Those are the Legionaries for you.  They tow the papal party line.  Legionaries are outstanding in many ways.  They are known for being good preachers, retreat directors, and for helping people form good habits of prayer and discipline.  Their spirituality is tainted with poison, however.  Legionaries once took a vow to never criticize a superior, and to report anyone who did.  Fr. Matthew probably made this vow, at least at first.  Even if he didn't take vows until after that requirement was dropped, the spirit of that vow doesn't just go away.  You don't tell someone who has lived that vow for many years to simply disregard it all of a sudden.  It was very much alive in those who formed him, and probably in him as well.  Psychologically, people just simply undo that kind of conditioning, so the spirit of the vow remains even though the actual vow was dropped and the Legionaries have thoroughly denounced their founder.  In spite of the great qualities many Legionary priests have, a Legionary is the last person to be considered a credible source when it comes to possible concerns about a papal document.

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