I'm not a Sedevacantist, but....
(02-19-2017, 04:07 AM)jovan66102 Wrote:
(02-19-2017, 03:46 AM)In His Love Wrote: Do we even know if the discussion is over women's ordination? The women deacons in the early Church weren't ordained, so even if this practice does come back (which I wouldn't be a fan of), it isn't necessarily a heresy. Ordination, of course, would be, because women can't be ordained to any position tied to the clergy.
As I pointed out earlier, I went through this same thing in the Anglican Communion 40+ years ago. First it was the 'restoration of the ancient Order of Deaconesses'. Then it was the 'ordination' of female 'deacons'  (at which point I left). Then, after 'womyn deacons' had been approved, it was a battle over 'womyn priests'. They were approved, and then the fight was over 'bishopesses', now, totally approved by the Anglicans. At each step, the faithful were assured there was nothing to worry about, that it wouldn't go any further. I didn't believe the bollocks then, any more than I believe the claptrap mow.
This ^^^^  multiplied by a factor of 1,000.

cradle-Catholics, you may know a lot about the heresy of Protestantism, but you do not know the first thing of the Protestant experience.  What jovan said is exactly what I experienced as a Lutheran.  We say these difficult words to you, because we have already witnessed and experienced this. 

First it was changing the liturgy, then a desire to be more inclusive, then it was to include more women into the liturgy of the church....until finally you end up with the US Congregationalist church, which believes that the Koran and the Baghavad Gita are just as holy and divinely inspired as Sacred Scripture, and homosexuals are more vital to the church and community, than the families, with openly-lesbian pastors/bishops.

We protestants left our 'church', our 'faith', because we in our hearts desire to seek that which man has striven for all his life, Truth and Beatification.  By the grace of God it has led us to the Catholic Faith, however we still will strive for the truth and if the visible church makes acts that are contrary to that Truth, we will be more apt to leave and seek elsewhere.  Now does this mean we reject Catholicism? Not necessarily, though some may erroneously will, but what it will mean is that we will be open to the possibility that some Catholics have said that the men in the Vatican are not Catholic and neither is Vatican II.  It may lead us to Sede-ism, or something else for that matter.  However, we will strive to continue seeking the same Truth that brought forth the beautiful minds of the Church Fathers, Angelic Doctors, and saints.

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