Pieta prayer book
What do you all think of the Pieta prayer book (full text can be found here) It contains the 15 Prayers to St Bridget of Sweden, which have been approved by Pope Pius IX. But there are other devotions in it which seem slightly suspect. For example, there is a letter from Jesus Christ found in His tomb at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and certain protections are promised to all who carry a copy with them. Same to a picture of Our Lady drawn by a mystic in Italy, guided by Her hand - there is a special blessing to the one who carries it.

Plus there is a section which supposedly contains some of Our Lord's revelation to someone called Mutter Vogel (German for "Mother Bird") that said one should never criticize a priest and if one sees a priest celebrating Mass unworthily we are to say nothing but tell it to Jesus. This doesn't seem to fit with St Catherine of Siena, who criticized not just a priest, but the Pope himself.

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