Let's Daydream III: Catholic religious communities
A few comments: I belong to a religious community. It wasn't planned. I simply stopped by their location a few times to spend some time in their Perpetual Adoration chapel. During my second visit I heard in my heart "will you help take care of my little sisters?" So I inquired as to their needs and found out that they were not eating very well. They are out in the countryside and were not well know at the time. So thus began an amazing journey of reciprocal service.  The Trinitarians of Mary have 2 main charisma's They have Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, the local monastery has on average 6 sisters living there, yes they do it with 6,  only because it is small and facilities are lacking. This is one of 6 locations. The second thing they do is make reparation for the sins of priests and pray for vocations.

  They also do much service for the poor. I do what I can to see that their physical needs are met. I feel that I receive the best part of our "deal". I frequently ask for prayers from them for many situations. It is part of my personal  discerned mission to evangelize and do spiritual warfare.  So I have many prayer requests in this arena. I call "my little sisters" my big stick. (Oh I know who really wields the stick) Many times I get calls from people in terrible straights and I give the sisters a call. Sometimes within an hour or day I get a call back with the question "what did you do? everything just stopped, or evaporated". So I simply reply, "I am simply the messenger", My job is to simply run my mouth and ask others to join us in prayer. It is a great privilege.

So as to the topic of religious communities; Their founding is inspired by God, of course. What I have found is that our God always has His opinions as to what we should do, look like, emulate, etc. We simply have to ask and listen and then be obedient. He always has a better idea anyway.  Another thing to consider is something I have discovered in hindsight. Many things that cross my mind, or path. Many subjects I get interested in learning, and many things I feel inspired to pray about, even some of the fantastic mind wandering daydreams. Are actually inspirations directed by God. I sometimes get a "crazy idea" at adoration. I am reluctant to share them , but sometimes I do. So I discussed with the mother superior a few of them and was surprised when she made them happen, or said "if God wills it, we will do it" adding, "this sounds like something God would do, and besides it falls right in line with our bishops requests".

So we have talked about building community housing on site so lay members could live in community with their order. Now I had indulged in fantasy thinking that if I won the lottery I would use the money to help build the huge monastery that has been planned for the Michigan location. I  was struggling financially, not complaining, just the task of feeding 12 kids and paying for everything. So I asked God for help. He kept telling me not to worry about it, that soon it wouldn't be a concern. So one day after really being down and begging for help, (in the chapel)  I got mad after hearing the same old reply. I quoted St Terese's "If this is the way you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few".  Really, really bad form here.  However, the next day I got a call from my son who asked me to consider buying a business. My son's heart is in evengalization. He complained to me that there is no real source for funding so lay persons can work full time serving the church this way. So he asked if we could buy the business, grow it into profitability, and donate excess funds to form a foundation to fund lay people to work full time in evangelization. Really? I had no money.  But I decided to pray about it and within a day!! had the funds to purchase the business. (about $140,000). Our 3 and 5 year plan for expansion were realized in 1 month and 3 months respectively.  God named our business. I couldn't come up with a name so I asked for some divine help. He asked me to look up 3 Latin words. Bread, from, and oil. Hence; Panum De Oleum.  Now before you Latin experts try to correct my spelling, I simply Googled the words. Bread is normally spelled Panem. I am certain it was no accident that we ended up with Panum. Panum is an ancient form of the word meaning types, or kinds of bread. Which is a perfect fit because we plan on funding Eucharistic Adoration, our heavenly bread, as well as "bread" the word of God, and bread, food and provision.

So when it comes to religious community, you never know what might happen. It is simply a great adventure, and while I am careful not to be presumptuous about God's plans, I am grateful so see them happen.

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