Resources for dealing with scrupulosity
Background: I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Asperger Syndrome. As I mentioned to my priest, it is possible that someone could convince me that anything that is not a religious ritual is a sin.

Today I made my profession of faith and general confession to our TLM priest. I wrote down some of my sins, as he had recommended. As he was giving me counsel for the sins, I was deliberately trying not to think of other sins or things I thought might be sins that I might have done. A thought came in to my mind "I wish he would just hurry up with the absolution. I'm now worried that my whole confession was not valid because I was too embarrassed to confess that thought.

What are some good resources for those suffering from scrupulosity? And in order for something to be a mortal sin, does there need to be a sufficient amount of reflection first? As part of my OCD  I suffer from intrusive thoughts. Does it take more than just a few seconds for a thought to become a mortal sin?

I asked my priest about the scrupulosity and he said to focus on the Wedding at Cana - Jesus wasn't constantly pointing out people's sins but He was just attending the celebration.

Prayers would be good too please.

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