Resources for dealing with scrupulosity
(03-05-2017, 03:11 PM)MichaelNZ Wrote: Thanks very much for those. They are both very useful.

I've still got a niggling doubt that my confession yesterday (the first since 2011) was invalid because of the reasons mentioned above.

Me, I've never suffered from scruples, thank God, but have talked to many people with that problem over the years. I think some of it is related to obssessive-compulsive traits, which you admit to having problems with. My  hunch, as one looking at this problem from the outside, is that focusing on Christ's Love and Mercy would be helpful. Maybe praying the Divine Mercy chaplet could help you.

Above all, though, just getting the ideas into your head that 1) God isn't stupid, and 2) He isn't out to "get you" is key. HE KNOWS your heart. HE KNOWS your sins. HE KNOWS your intentions. And HE LOVES YOU more than anything! Imagine the best parent in the world, and then multiply that by a billion. When you start to get all scrupulous, focus on that. And relax. Follow those "Ten Commandments for the Scrupulous," read what I just wrote, and chill. TRUST HIM!

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