Catholic Culture to remove their website reviews this summer
I sent Mr. Jeff Mirus of Catholic Culture an email recently in an attempt to get the 'danger!' rating to fidelity he gave to FishEaters changed to something better and more accurate.

Here is the email he sent me in reply, with my emphasis. I have his permission to relay this information to you.

"(My name here),

Thanks for your detailed message.

We have looked again at the Fisheaters website several times in response to repeated requests to give it a more favorable rating, but we have always reached the same general conclusions about Fisheaters’ tendency to make unnecessarily harsh judgments about perfectly legitimate developments over the past fifty years or so.

Part of this is a confusion over the difference between discipline and doctrine, as evidenced by the so-called condemnation of interfaith gatherings. This is not a matter of faith and morals but a discipline thought proper at the time to protect the faith of those who might be involved. Conditions have changed, and this is no longer regarded as a prudent disciplinary approach. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with such changes, as they are questions of prudence.

We do share your concern about problems in the Church, including the general direction of the current pontificate.

Having said all this, it is also true that we have not actively maintained our website review section for some years, and we believe it is far less important than it was ten to twenty years ago, since the overwhelming majority of Catholic websites are now faithful (the faithful are always more active on the web than dissenters). Moreover, we can see that it sometimes causes unnecessary divisions when people disagree about our conclusions.

Therefore we will be dropping the website review section entirely when we make changes to this Summer.

God bless you,

Jeff Mirus

Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D.
Trinity Communications

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