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The placebo effect is real. It is probably the major player in most “home cures” along with the body simply improving all on its own, allergens going out of season, etc. This is not to say that every home cure is the placebo effect. There are certainly useful home remedies. You can find them on the site I referenced before.

Many medicines are derived from plants. Plants contain many powerful chemicals in them, and this is why I referenced the herbal supplement site. It is a good one that rigorously tests the products it reviews and separates the quackery from useful, inexpensive, and practical remedies. Pharmaceutical drugs are almost always going to be more effective than an herbal remedy because they are either highly concentrated doses of whatever is good in the plant or they are synthetically derived chemicals that are extremely potent.

It is utter nonsense that there are no “side effects” to natural remedies. If the remedy is doing anything at all there MUST BE A SIDE EFFECT. It is a basic principle of physiology. If a substance is manipulating a bodily mechanism to effect a certain symptom (reducing allergies in the case of ACV) then whatever mechanism it is manipulating almost certainly will have another effect since everything in the body is connected. Some side effects are milder than others. Usually the more potent the medicinal substance, the more pronounced the side effect. This is why herbal remedies have such mild side effects—they are simply not as potent or concentrated as pharmaceutical medicines.

It is certainly true that many herbal substances are extremely powerful. I see them every day I go to work. Cocaine is an example of a potent herbal substance. But crack is stronger (because of unnatural chemical manipulation)! LSD is extraordinarily potent. So potent that the gas chromatograph that we use cannot detect a typical dosage in the blood stream because it is so minute. We have a highly sensitive machine with special detectors dedicated to LSD detection.

There is some evidence that ACV may not be one of those useful, inexpensive, and practical remedies. I demonstrated this above. Fish oil may be another story. Olive oil and garlic are certainly good for you! Also, I would like to see the evidence of the prestigious journals saying fish oil is bad for you (and don’t reference something from 1920 like Catholicmilkman). It is possible that they did say it was bad. They are not infallible, but it usually is not the habit of good journals to issue blanket statements like that. They are typically more nuanced and intelligent. The leave it to the quacks to issue blanket statements like ACV will cure "arthritis, prostate problems, multiple sclerosis, and high cholesterol levels." Any substance that could do such a thing would instantly be so coveted that we would hear it constantly on the news.

This brings up another interesting point. There is not only a taint of quackery in many of these home remedy types, but also a dose of Gnosticism. They talk about how they have secret potions and remedies that nobody has known about except some obscure traditional apothecary that has carefully preserved the medicine. When you ask for references and experimental data they call you a member of the evil conspiracy! I think the parallels to theological Gnosticism, which talks about Jesus’ secret baby with Mary Magdalene and how it was secretly preserved by secret societies but covered up by the conspiratorial Church, is remarkable.

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