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Human beings have similar, but not the same, physiology. Drugs usually act in the same way on all people and only need to be varied in their dosage (according to size, age, etc). Sometimes, differences between people matter. Sex, age, etc. Sometimes there are indeed odd differences and some people respond better than others to certain drugs and treatments. This holds true for pharma and herbal drugs. But this does not change the fact that pharma drugs are usually more potent and always more pure.

Dangerous side effects? So what makes them dangerous? A matter of kind or degree? Like I said already, the reason why herbal remedies have fewer side effects are because they are less concentrated and potent. The few extremely strong herbal drugs (LSD [illegal], Cocaine [illegal], Digitalis [legal], Morphine [legal]) are examples of herbal drugs with grave side effects. Caffeine for example is a weak herbal drug with very mild side effects.

The illegality of a substance has nothing to do if it works or not, and your argument is a non sequiter. Our culture finds opium (herbal) to be illegal in the present day. It didn’t 150 years ago. Marijuana (herbal) is smoked freely in India, but not here. You wont find any alcohol (herbal) in Mecca, but you find loads in Milwaukee. Ruphanol (pharmaceutical) is illegal in the US because some men can stop slipping into women’s drinks, but it is legal in France where the men have the decency to seduce the women. All these drugs act the same way in the body no matter where they are from or were the people live.

A reasonable time to stay in front of would be WWII probably. But even that is getting pretty old. Some sciences were very advanced at that time (physics and chemistry) and others were more sluggish (biology and pharmacology). Almost all dugs until the last 30 years were “discovered” accidentally. An example would be penicillin. Lately, drug companies, which invest billions in research (something Quacks cannot and will not ever do), have actually been able to develop fairly original drugs based on real scientific discoveries (an example would be a SSRI).

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