Has anyone else been thinking this way lately?
(04-17-2017, 11:24 AM)cassini Wrote: How can anyone deny Fatima and its miracle when 70,000 people witnessed it, when photographs of the people there appeared in the newspapers of the time.
To actually suggest it was a demonic apparition is equally absurd. What was demonic about it? If the Devil is about the business of telling us people are falling into hell like snowflakes falling from the clouds, and to pray the rosary, do penance, then the devil himself has converted to Catholicism. If there is even one aberration about Fatima, then yes, it must have been the Devil (Like Medjugorje). But there is none, so stop your nonsense lads,

There you go picking and choosing again.  If souls fall into hell like snowflakes, then Fatima certainly is presenting a message of despair - despair that anyone has even a remote chance of entering heaven.  Despair does not come from God.  But I'm sure you'll have an answer to why the despair of Fatima is somehow a grace...

Many people won't deny the abomination of desolation as coming from God either, even though just as many, if not more, will witness it as did Fatima.  Amount of witnesses and photographs =/= sent by God.

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