A bit overwhelmed with where to start: Recommended Practices for Beginners
Hello all :)

I was looking through the 'Being Catholic' section today - all of which seems to be written very well - and I sort of became a bit overwhelmed with the number of practices, prayers, etc. Even though I was 'raised' Catholic my family was not very active nor did we actually 'practice' much of the at-home side of the religion. We were the go to church on Sunday (maaaaybe) and Holidays type of folks. Therefore, I am approaching this new spiritual and religious investigation - to see if this is truly something I am prepared to commit to (leaning yes at the moment) - as if I am someone coming to this with no foundation (except, perhaps, having some of the memorization already done ;) ).

As far as reading, studying, and meditating on Scriptures I follow a method for which I only today learned is an actual Catholic practice - again from the wonderful writings on this site :) - Lectio Divina. However, what practices of daily life would you recommend to a brand new Catholic/someone investigating Catholicism?

So far my daily list includes:
- Rosary
- Making intention in the morning
- Reading Scripture
- Personal Prayer/Meditation/Contemplation

I feel like this is barely scratching the surface of what the Catholic Faith and system has to offer. The religious system that I am distancing myself from was one that more or less encompassed my entire daily routine. For someone more accustomed to that level of practice I am concerned that not having something from the Catholic system to keep me on track through the day - maintain intention etc. - that I will fall back into old habits. What practices would you all recommend to someone in my current position or someone coming to the Faith from a ritualistic religion like Islam or Orthodox Judaism?

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