Diocesan School Punishes Teacher for Citing Catholic Saint
Quote:“[The mother] shared this with me while she could not stop crying.” 

A mother, I will presume a Catholic mother, who sends her children to a "Catholic" school is in tears because a Catholic saint was quoted speaking the Catholic truth this anti-Christian religion?  Talk about a lose of faith in the world...

Quote:In the imagined dialogue between a father and his sons, the father explains how Jesus Christ is superior to the Prophet Muhammad, who “degrades and dishonors human nature and by placing all happiness in sensual pleasures, reduces man to the level of filthy animals.”

Elsewhere in the text, Muhammad is described as a “charlatan,” “villain,” “ignoramus,” “imposter” and “false prophet” who “couldn’t even write” and “propagated his religion, not through miracles or persuasive words, but by military force.”

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, is also called “a series of errors, the most enormous ones being against morality and the worship of the true God.”

Did anyone else think that this was the best part of the article?

Quote:Rabbi David Kaiman of the Congregation B’nai Israel in Gainesville also emailed the school, writing that the reading was “dangerous and destructive and feeds those who seek to hate vilify,” and that it “expresses a hate language that is disturbing.”

He added that the “tone and factual content is outdated and not reflective of Catholic doctrine,” and pointed to statements from a long succession of popes expressing love and respect for Muslims and the Islamic faith.

“I take pride to quote the words of John Paul II in speaking of Islam in 1985,” Kaiman wrote. “’[There] are the important differences which we can accept with the humility and respect, in mutual tolerance; this is a mystery about which, I am certain, God will one day enlighten us.’”

Anyone else just find it hilarious that a Jewish Rabbi has the guile to tell us Catholics what to believe? Sadly, he can take his lead from our Popes... And by the way, why is this Rabbi preaching tolerance and peace toward Muslims?  Hasn't he read the Koran?  Have any of the wakko libs ever taken the time to actually read it?  Or maybe open a history book?

Quote:A teacher in Michigan was suspended for passing out an assignment called “The Top 10 Talents Of Miss Iraq,” which listed “Blowing self up in a car in a parking lot,” “Describing what they would look like in a bathing suit if they were permitted to wear one” and “Withstanding the kick of a donkey.”


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