Is it good to pray for divorce
(04-25-2017, 11:31 AM)Justin Alphonsus Wrote: Maybe I have mentioned this before here, but my mother and my father are both on their third "marriages".  They were on their second ones when I was born (technically I was there before, I was born a month later).  None of them were Catholic, and I don't believe many of them were baptized ( my father and stepdad were later, after being married to my mother.)  Needless to say I am confused.  My mother has been showing interest in the Church, but I really don't think she would like the idea of quitting her current husband.  My father's marriage is less complicated, he is married to a fallen away Catholic by way of civil court, so that is obviously invalid.

The point is, could I, and should I, pray for these marriages to end?

It's complicated ...

Firstly, your best course of action is to work on getting the various people to want to convert or return to practicing the Catholic Faith. Then to get them to speak to a priest, who can deal with their exact situation and what has to be done. For now, it's best to leave them in good faith an pray that God disposes them toward whatever is right.

Secondly, it's not really for us to go around deciding what marriages are valid or not. It's one thing to avoid attending a "second" marriage of a Catholic who has only civilly divorced. It's quite another to try to to adjudicate the state of a marriage.

One can only be married to one person. That's clear, but exactly which "spouse" it is is not always so much. In the case of multiple marriages, what if the first was invalid? Then it's possible the second is valid. What if both have several marriages ... as you say in this case, there are possibly seven marriages and only one or two are possibly valid, but which ones? That's a complex question and one that will take a great deal of work to tease out.

For instance, there's always the question of children or indissolubility. If a "spouse" entered a marriage thinking it a temporary union until they decided to end it, it's possible they never consented to true marriage. If they excluded children, also there's a case for invalidity.

But there are also possible solutions other than several annulments, especially if there are merely natural (and not sacramental) marriages involved, like the Pauline and Petrine privileges.

It's complicated ...

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