Is it good to pray for divorce
(04-25-2017, 01:22 PM)Justin Alphonsus Wrote: Because, I have no clue how to proceed with this?  If she converted, she could go through the annulment process, yes, and would almost certainly get her annulments.  But I have serious, serious doubts and suspicions about that.  When 100% of the people are getting annulments 100% of the time, there is a problem, and very serious problem.  Now, I won't go presuming that everyone who has had an annulment was lied to, but I think that that really opens the door to doubt.  And then there is the whole prior marriage arraignment.  Are they still married to their first spouses?  Not to mention the fact that my mother's current husband has had two former wives himself? I have a hard time believing that only one of the seven marriages that went on was valid, and it just happens to be the one that they find themselves in. 

In general, I am confused.  But all this is depends on whether she wants to convert.

A couple of points about annulments: 1. a plan to use abc can be a cause for nullity, and many people were told in the 1960s that using abc was ok (:()

2. The general path of an annulment is that the person goes to the parish first. If the first marriage does not meet any of the criteria for an annulment, the person is discouraged from pursuing one. Hence it seems like the vast majority of those who apply for an annulment get one, but that is because those with no apparent reason have already been weeded out.

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