The Dangers of Focusing Only on the Negative in the Church
I do think in trad land there tends to be a lot of negativity. Much of it is warranted, especially when looking at the post VII changes and the inept hierarchy that continues to support it even in spite of the fact none of those changes have done anything positive for the Church. However, there's also this negativity towards Novus Ordo lay people (many of whom don't know any better/different)  and people who aren't traditional enough or who aren't traditional in the way that such and such is traditional. On the other hand, I do think that it's not all negativity. We celebrate the feasts, of different prayers and devotions, of the victories for traditionalists, our traditional culture, pray for each other, and thank God for all of the great things that He's given us. It's certainly not all doom and gloom. However, let's be honest, from a traditional Catholic media perspective what's going to get views? Talking about good things or the bad things? I think we all know the answer. So of course there's this focus on the bad all the time. We can even take the example of Church Militant who has gained so much popularity with a show like the Vortex which is almost always negative. We're this small niche group that's fighting to restore the Church and it's not like traditional Catholicism is taking the world by storm. It's a very slow movement that, God willing, if we can accomplish it will take generations.

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