An agreement
A key Vatican official has confirmed that the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) can be reconciled with the Holy See, if its leaders accept a doctrinal statement.

Archbishop Guido Pozzo, the secretary of the Ecclesia Dei commission, which is handling talks with the SSPX, said that the next step is up to the traditionalist group. “The reconciliation will occur when Monsignor Fellay [the SSPX superior] formally adheres to the doctrinal declaration that the Holy See presented to him,” he said.

Reports have circulated in Rome for several months that the Vatican is prepared to offer the SSPX the status of a personal prelature, with the only remaining condition being the acceptance of the doctrinal statement. In March, Archbishop Pozzo would allow traditionalists to continue questioning the interpretation of some disputed Vatican II documents.

The archbishop said that although the climate in talks between the Vatican and the SSPX is very positive, he could not predict when an agreement will be reached.

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