Brandon Vogt/Bp. Barron and Michael Voris
I do agree that sometimes Michael is too intense. I am bothered by the fact that he's publicly gone against both EWTN and the Remnant. I may not agree with all of the Remnant's positions (I'm not an SSPX person), but they're working very hard to restore dignity to the human element of the Church. As for EWTN, Michael got upset with them shortly after Raymond Arroyo and the "Papal posse" began asking completely valid questions about Amoris Laetitia and some of the stranger statements of Pope Francis. They have some great information over at Church Militant, but I wish they would reach out to these other apostolates more. I also wish they would provide more positive information. In other words, I wish they had as many "Here's a great thing that happened at the March for Life" as they did "The March for Life is becoming too Protestant," or as many "Here's the full story behind the devotion to the Sacred Heart" as there are "Muslim migrants stormed a church and smashed all their statues." Sure, there are some very troubling things going on right now, especially within the hierarchy, but there are also many beautiful things taking place.

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