Vatican Official Researches Miraculous Apparitions in Texas
(08-09-2017, 08:49 AM)In His Love Wrote: Very interesting.

"SAN ANGELO – Father Stefano Cecchin is a Vatican postulator who presents the case for the canonization or beatification of someone in the Catholic Church. This week, he  is touring the San Angelo Concho River in Texas, where tradition holds that an apparition of Maria de Jesus de Agreda – the Lady in Blue – appeared and converted the Jumano Indians in the 1600s."

I think a shrine dedicated to Bl. Maria of Agreda is sorely needed in the U.S. I could see the ridiculous backlash from non-religious liberals if Bl. Maria were eventually to be canonized...look at all the whining there was in the media when Junipero Serra was canonized here.

People who never knew about St. Junipero Serra suddenly became interested in him and the media immediately demonized him. I can see a similar hypothetical occurring with Bl. Maria.

That wouldn't change anything from a Catholic perspective though.

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