A Prayer to be said during hurricane season
This look's like it's going to be worse than Katrina.


Saint Margaret of Hungary
1242-1271, Feast Day: January 18

St. Margaret is invoked against floods.

She was a princess whose parents promised her to God in thanksgiving for repelling an enemy invasion. They had placed her in a convent, which she would not consent to leave. As an act of penance she refused to bathe and tended the hopelessly sick. Her father built her a convent of her own on an small island in the middle of the Danube River. Whenever it was threatened with flooding, she protected it with prayer.

Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus
213-270, Feast Day: November 17

St. Gregory is invoked against earthquakes and also against floods. In Beirut, Lebanon he was a well-to-do law student; having converted to the Catholic faith he returned to his native city and was made bishop for the 17 Christians who lived there. By the time of his death he had converted all but 17 of the pagans. Know for the charism of healing, he could dry up streams and move tremendous boulders by the commands of his word. He is also the patron of Armenia and desperate and or forgotten cases.


O God, Who hast established the earth upon firm foundations, and given the rivers their course, graciously receive the prayers of Thy people: and, having utterly removed the dangers of the shaken earth, and dangerous waters, turn the terrors of Thy Divine wrath into the means of the salvation of mankind; that they who are of the earth, and unto earth shall return, may rejoice to find themselves citizens of Heaven by means of a holy life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Regard, O Lord, our humility and forsake us not in this time of tribulation.

I deserve to suffer these things, O Lord, for I have sinned.

Despise not, Almighty God, Thy people who cry out to Thee in their affliction, but for the glory of Thy Name, being appeased assist those who ar in tribulation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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