Low-fat diet could kill you, major study shows
It used to be that Medical School was really a grueling trial to get through and most who did were devoted to the 'art'. These days, not so much. It seems that most are in it for the money and they manage their offices and practices like a mill. Only so much time allotted to each patient and a real quick in and out set up. 'Here's your drugs, see ya in a few weeks for a followup'. patients are assessed first as to ability to pay, not severety of the complaint or ongoing level of care anticipated. If you're healthy, with good insurance, step right up! If you're chronically ill and don't have anything but medicare or (shudder to think) Obummer Care, sorry, it'll be a couple of months 'til we can 'fit you in', or maybe it, 'here, this doc can take better care of you...here's their card...see ya!' Or that good one, maybe you should go to the Emergency Room! Actually, for some folks, the ER doc is their primary physician.

It is sad, these days docs get a minor with an MBA, rather than an MPH.
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