Disgraceful Experience with "priest"
My friend is studying in Ireland right now and sent me this horrifying account of her attempt to attend Daily Mass this morning:

" I went to Mass on campus over the lunch hour, and it was absolutely packed with people because it was some kind of memorial for a guy who had died. The presider was a rather liberal priest, Fr. Ben, and I knew it was going to be bad from the beginning but I didn't realize just HOW bad it would be. First off, he made up the opening prayer rather than reading it from the missal, and then he read a bunch of readings that I guess had been chosen by the family for the occasion because they were not the ones I read that morning, and the Gospel wasn't even from one of the gospels--it was just a collection of verses from Paul's letters. But the worst part was that he literally went straight from the fluffy and ridiculous petitions into the consecration: no Sanctus, no preface prayer, nothing, just all of a sudden "On the night that he was betrayed," etc, and we were all still standing because we were expecting the other five minutes of prayers that he totally skipped. There were a bunch of students from the Catholic society in front of me, and they all agreed that it was not a valid consecration and that they would not receive communion. I figured that it would be okay as long as I received one of the hosts that had been in the tabernacle and might have been consecrated validly at a different Mass.

Anyway, after it was over we were all very upset and decided to talk to him. The students who are the sacristans didn't even put the hosts away because they weren't sure if they were actually Jesus or not. So four of us went up to talk to him, and I can only say it was the most awful experience in a church that I've ever had. He took it quite personally and said he was deeply offended and insulted and that we were undermining his ministry and his confidence, and then he said that we were all being intolerant, but that it was rampant in the world today especially in the United States because of Trump (and I was the only American there so I knew he was talking to me). I asked him if he would please just stick to the words of the Church canon because it made us all very uncomfortable and confused when he didn't, and he just could not handle it. He accused us of nit-picking and of being terrible examples of Catholics, and said that if we were to go into the back room (where they were having a reception for the funeral) and repeat our comments to him the people there would "eat us alive" for being so cruel and insensitive, because everyone loved him. And if we didn't like the way he was doing things, he welcomed us to find another place to pray. Well, I sure as hell am going to take him up on that one. He was especially harsh towards me because I had spoken to him once before, and he hadn't forgotten that and brought it up several times over the maybe 40 minutes that he had us there, chewing us out. I left there and started sobbing in the chapel, not just because he had been so unkind towards me and towards the group, but because I couldn't believe a priest could act like that. And he so firmly believed he was right! It broke my heart. And all those other people that he is deluding too."

I am not sure if anything can be done about this or if this "priest" can be somehow reported and defrocked (or at least reprimanded) but this is a truly horrific example of how Pope Francis has destroyed the Church from the inside out, especially in a country like Ireland that is supposed to be so Catholic. There is surely a special place in hell (or else a near-eternity in purgatory) for "priests" like this. It is a tragedy indeed when a young girl and her friends know more about the faith than a so-called priest who claims to serve the faith.
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