Disgraceful Experience with "priest"
First thing, he's a validly ordained priest unless there is sufficient evidence to prove otherwise; so you should be respectful to the office of the priesthood and not use quotes. Heretic or not, he's still a priest.

Second, your friend and her friends need to take that anger and hurt and they need pray for him. If your friends weren't happy with his sacrilegious, effeminate attitude, imagine how the Lord will feel when he is judged. Your friends friends need to pray for his reversion to the Faith.

Thirdly, they must take it up with the bishop and the diocese. They took their issue with him in private, with multiple people. He remains hardened in his sacrilege and possibly heresy. It's time to take it to the bishop. If the bishop fails, take it to the archdiocese. If the archbishop fails, take it to Rome. And if that fails, just know that death is around the corner for these men and they will be judged ultimately.

Tell your friend that I'm sorry she had to suffer that travesty.

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