Another fall...
(10-09-2017, 02:27 PM)Sequentia Wrote:
(10-08-2017, 11:54 AM)bibleandprayers Wrote: are you serious? While we are at it, let's pray for the chicken that you recently ate, or the bacon that served it's purpose on your sandwich ::D Sorry but its a bit too much.

A note to the ignorant:

I am not talking about your itty bitty little "house spiders." I am an arachnoculturist, meaning I care, feed, and breed different species of arachnids-including tarantulas (theraphosids) and scorpions. These are prized animals that are nothing like your fluffy kitty or puppy; this is a science as well as a conservation project. Tarantulas are giant arachnids.

My Nimbus is a prized P. irminia spider, so obviously I want him to grow up to be a giant arboreal spider as he is supposed to be...and perhaps someday, fling some substrate at me.

Before making such a comment next time, perhaps you should remember the "creeping things" referred to in Genesis 1, when God in his great mercy allowed all life to come into existence and made man. People who think pulling the legs off an arachnid is "funny" or who torment animals for enjoyment remind me of those who are perfectly okay with pulling and tearing the limbs off of unborn babies.

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Hm... ok I can understand that, ill pray for it. - Prayer Videos, bible Verses, Community Prayers and more.

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