Where can I find some nice long skirts online?
I've actually come across some really nice skirts on Etsy from international sellers. Unfortunately they tend to be somewhat expensive (think $45-$65 plus shipping) but come in fabrics such as wool and chiffon. Haven't bought from them myself, but might be okay for buying a really nice church skirt. Out of my budget for now though, so I just keep saving things for inspiration once if my sewing skills get better (lol).

You could also try overstock stores like Ross, garage sales, Salvation Army, GoodWill, ect. Much of my closet is second hand. If you happen to be a college student, keep an eye out for the drama department selling old set costumes/clothes. In college, I once bought a set of scrubs and a pair of pants for $3 a piece. I'm sure they might have some skirts too.
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