Prominent Southern Baptist "Pastor" says Satan Created Catholicism
(10-22-2017, 10:50 AM)In His Love Wrote: Is he not aware of the 1500 years of Catholicism that occurred before his sect was formed?

What he would say, is that "Christianity" existed for 300 years until 313 when Constantine corrupted it by creating "Catholicism." Nevermind that the Early Church writings (and the New Testament for that matter) are saturated with Catholic doctrine. They don't want to know anything about that.

The Baptists have a book called "The Trail of Blood" where they attempt to argue that true Christianity was preserved by groups like the Waldensians who were persecuted by the Catholic Church for 1200 years or so. The problem for them is these groups had a lot of Catholic beliefs so they weren't Anabaptists.The claim obviously is pathetic.

Baptists will actually say they are not even Protestants to get around the charge.

Intellectually astute they fail to qualify.

Have a look at the comments below the article. It is incredible the amount of bad willed ignorance out there.
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