Has this ever happened to you?
You're realizing and embracing the authentic Traditions of the Faith, and you come across a certain teaching, doctrine or even dogma of the Faith that you fill uncomfortable about. You decide not to worry about it this teaching and focus instead on other things. As you embrace Traditional Catholicism more and more, you come across this issue every now and then, and you may even give some slight, shallow acknowledgement of the teaching but not really accept it in your heart. Then one day, you see conservative, or cafeteria-catholics bashing that teaching and/or showing the rotten fruit of rejecting that teaching, and that's when you put your foot down and fully embrace that teaching as true.

That's what happened to me a couple of days ago, I was uncomfortable with the dogma of Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus, I had given a superficial, intellectual acceptance of the dogma. But I never embraced this dogma until a couple of days back, when I saw some conservative catholics bashing Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus, and reveling in the belief that the Church had supposedly changed it. (As I'm sure most people on here are well aware, it definitely did not!) After that incident, I embraced Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus 100%, and am even planning on celebrating February 4th, the date when the Bull Cantate Domino was issued, the strongest affirmation of the dogma. 

In the future I plan on doing a blog series defending the dogma, and perhaps I'll start up a thread here, we can gather resources for that, but not now. For now, I just want to ask if anyone else has ever had an experience similar to this, where they were uncomfortable with a certain TradCat doctrine and struggled with it for a bit, but then had an experience similar to the one I describe above and finally embrace it 100%? I've actually had other experiences slightly similar to this, the none as dramatic as this one.

Has this ever happened to you?
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