Am I supposed to be going to Mass at my local church?
(11-29-2017, 01:37 AM)MagisterMusicae Wrote:
(11-29-2017, 01:23 AM)Trad Catholic27 Wrote: The Novus Ordo Mass is a valid Mass but only because of Vatican II and the fact that it is approved by the Church.

It does have problems with the lax rubrics for it and the Traditional Latin Mass is far superior than the Novus Ordo Mass spiritually and doctrinally.

The Church should have just stayed with the TLM

That doesn't logically follow.

The Novus Ordo Mass is valid because when celebrated by a Catholic priest who understand and intends what the Church does it has valid matter, form, minister and intention.

Wheaten bread is used, Grape wine is used, the essential words are used, the minister intends the Sacrifice of the Mass (which is what the Church intends), and the minister is a priest.

Therefore, valid.

Now, eliminate any of those elements in particular cases, and we have an issue. Since one does not have to bring the intention to re-present the Sacrifice of the Cross, it can be excluded, and this was also one of the worries ... as theology got worse, fewer priests would bring the requisite intention.

Vatican II has nothing to do with it, nor does any "approval" of the Church.

It's not just a matter of superior spirituality or doctrinality. That has nothing to do with validity.

Again, to repeat the point : A Black Mass is valid ... and no one would say such is in any way say this has something to do with its spirituality or doctrinality. It is because the 4 elements (matter, form, intention and minister) are present.

How do we know the minister intends the Sacrificial aspect or even generally what the Church intends?

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