“The Dictator Pope”: Mysterious New Book Looks “Behind the Mask” of Francis
To Sister's point, here is a good post from Father Z's site; we should always pray for the Pope.


Do you remember that, no too long ago, some wags in Rome clandestinely slapped up some posters “manifesti” on the walls of Rome addressing themselves – in the Roman way – to Pope Francis?   The posters were hurriedly removed.

[Image: Preghiamo.png?w=651]

Now I read from Marco Tosatti that there are new “manifesti”, small in format, with various petitions.
The manifesto features a smiling Francis surrounded by a Rosary and these petitions (my translations and comments):
  • perché Roma torni alla fede [That Rome return to the faith]
  • perché la Madonna venga prima di Lutero [That Mary come before Luther – a reference surely to the horrid stamp from the Vatican Post featuring Luther and Melanchthon beneath the Cross]
  • perché la fede venga prima della politica [that faith come before politics]
  • perché Pannella e Bonino non siano più additati come esempi [that Pannella and Bonino not be taken as exemplary – The former is the architect of divorce laws, the later infamously pro-abortion.]
  • perché il papa torni a parlare con i cardinali prima che con i giornalisti [that the Pope starts again to speak with cardinals before journalists – surely a reference to the Four Dubia Cardinals v. superannuated Communist editor Eugenio Scarfari.]
  • perché il papa non perseguiti sacerdoti e ordini religiosi che non gli piacciono [that the Pope not persecute priests and religious orders that he doesn’t like – perhaps referring to the 3 CDF officials that were sacked and also to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate – today I read at Rorate that their sisters are forbidden now to accept postulants.  HERE]
  • perché il papa non taccia davanti a chi combatte famiglia e vita. [that the Pope not remain silent towards those who fight for the family and for life – If I recall, the March for Life in Rome got a cool reception from His Holiness]
The essential message is clear: pray for the Rosary for Pope Francis. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Put this together with the posters of last February and also with TODAY’s release of the sharply critical book, in Italian and now in English, by the pseudoanonymous “Marcantonio Colonna”, The Dictator Pope (more about that HERE and buy today in English US HERE – UK HERE), and you see that resistance is rising towards, at least, those who surround the Pope and towards the Pope himself.

And wasn’t there an incident in Rome recently involving a truck with a billboard about the late Card. Caffara, which was shushed away from the area around Vatican City?

REMEMBER: As I wrote the other day,
Quote:Most of you do not have to read this stuff.  Some of us do.  Most do not.  Be wary, in yourself, of the vice of curiositas.  Yes, there is a kind of “curiosity” which leads to sin.

This manifesto, however, frames the problems in prayers.  Is it critical of the Pope?  The petitions are clearly also statements of discontent with the present state of affairs.

It is always good to pray for the Pope.

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