Attitude towards LGBTQ____....???
(12-09-2017, 08:14 PM)tomnossor Wrote: I am not arguing against the label because it is "bad."  I am arguing against the label because it evidences the disordered state of our society by allowing that someone IS their sexual desires.  Who one internally feels attracted too should not be such a large part of their person.  Just like ones love of chocolate or weight relative to the norm should not be such a large part of their (my) person.  

But that is, in fact, some people's sexual desires. If someone were to say "I'm a homosexual and that's all that I am," you'd have a point. But no one says that.

Quote:This is largely if not totally about semantics.  I am merely saying that there is a huge barrier between our culture and right thinking.  Choosing words that reinforce the wrong thinking of our culture only makes the barrier more difficult to surmount.

I totally agree that language is important. But not using words because they indicate disorder doesn't make sense to me at all. One could say that about the words "murder," rape," "rapist," murderer," "atheist," "Protestant," etc.

Quote:And human sexuality is more complicated than what I think God intended, namely that sex is "unitive" and "procreative."  But this is WRONG IMO.  If sex was properly understood to be for the solidifying of a marital union between a man and woman for the purpose of creating a stable family unit AND for procreation within this family unit; then it would be much less complex. 

Understanding something doesn't make it go away. We can understand, intellectually, about concupiscence, but still be cursed with it.

Quote: The arguments against gay marriage would be obvious to everyone (even those with SSA).  That society has departed from this is true.  That right thinking individuals should be inviting a restoration of true thinking is what I advocate.  I am not advocating a denial of the reality, only that God's purposes be highlighted when possible especially when this conflicts with societal reality.

What you seem to be saying is that if everyone knew the right things, then everyone would know the right things. But well-catechized Catholics know, for ex., that masturbation is wrong, but still engage in it. We shouldn't make the word "masturbation" disappear because it doesn't reflect the proper order of things.

Quote:If I could unilaterally change the semantics of our society (perhaps through some time travel where 100 intelligent right thinking individual travel back in time 100 years and set about to teach all who they can fine), I think I would change the definition of sex such that is the sexual union of man and woman in marriage.  I would apply the term "perversion" to masterbation, premarital fornication, and homosexual acts (and to voyeurism as practiced by all who watch primetime TV and by those who watch pornography).  I don't see such a change happening and part of me recognizes that God is sovereign, but still this is what I think would help in the culture war.

I hear you, but if you were to do that, then "they" would simply push perversion in the name of "perversion" rather than "sex." I can hear it now: "Just because they call it 'perversion' doesn't mean it is!"  Your idea would maybe, though, help prevent equally valuing or seeing as "interchangeable" marital sex and other sex. That'd be a good thing...

-- but I don't agree with you at all re. the word "homosexual."
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