The Remnants Take On Francis' Attempt to Change Scripture
Oh my!  I guess I kind of created a bit of a firestorm. 

That's understandable since Pope Francis may well be the worst pope we have ever had and we all feel a great deal of anger about what is going on.

If you look at my words in context:

Quote:Oh, and as for Pope Francis' motives, I see this as a power grab.

It's all about incrementalism.

Of course, I may be wrong and I hope that I am and I pray every day for our dear pope.

You'll see that I made some pretty damning statements about him and ended with some cya statements and a bit of tongue in cheek mixed with an ounce of respect for his office and his soul.  Kind of like "fearless leader".

Yet I do have the greatest sympathy for those souls who are in danger of damnation as I realize that there but for the grace of God go I.  Those souls who are in danger of being included with the ones falling like snowflakes into the fires which Our Lady showed to the children at Fatima are my mission in life.  In fact my birthday is July 13.  So I grieve for the loss of a soul such as his and they are constantly on my mind.

Those are the souls I want to snatch from the evil one--the ones he is so sure are completely within his grip!

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