Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-17-2017, 02:07 PM)cassini Wrote: This is a real 'francis' Nativity scene.

For me, the real contradiction is the symbol under which the scene is placed, the pagan phallic obelisk.

Don't freak out about the "pagan," which simply means "of the country people." All those who weren't of Israel (the Church and Her spiritual ancestors) were "pagan," and they are our ancestors as well. Besides which, the obelisk has been Christianized. From https://www.fisheaters.com/stanthonysbrief.html :

Quote:As an aside, part of these words from the Apocalypse are also inscribed at the top of the obelisk that sits in St. Peter's Square. The obelisk had been in Rome since A.D. 37, set up in what is believed by many to have been the site of the divisional wall (spina) of Caligula's Circus, where Nero's massacre of Christians took place in A.D. 67. Pope Sixtus V moved the obelisk to its present position in a move that

Quote:...celebrated the triumph of the Faith of Christ, St Peter and the apostles over pagan superstition. The proximity of the obelisk to the old basilica had always been resented as something of a provocation, almost as a slight to the Christian religion. It had stood there like a false idol, as it were vaingloriously, on what was believed to be the center of the accursed circus where the early Christians and St Peter had been put to death. Its sides, then as now, were graven with dedications to Augustus and Tiberius. On its summit was a bronze sphere believed to contain the ashes of Julius Caesar. When taken down, the sphere proved to be solid. Nevertheless, Sixtus had a bronze cross put in its place (in 1740, after repairs, a piece of the True Cross was inserted in one of the arms). Solemnly the pope had the heathen spirit of the obelisk exorcised. 'Impio cultu dicatum' he carved upon the base as a reminder of what the needle once represented, and 'Ecce Crux Domini fugite partes adverase' in proud defiance of Luther and the reformed Churches. 2  
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