Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-18-2017, 12:42 AM)VoxClamantis Wrote:
(12-17-2017, 01:33 PM)Florus Wrote: Also, while it may not be constructed in a very pleasing or ordered way. It's not like every nativity scene has to only portray the nativity itself. In fact there is a long tradition of icons of the nativity showing a multitude of simultaneous events and people. Is this "sacrilegious" because it contains many things which could distract one from the birth of the Lord?? Of course not.
 [Image: Icon_Nativity_Kargopol.jpg]

The icon shows scenes from the life of Christ, including the Nativity at the center.

It's lovely and educational.  There is certainly a time and place for this.

The nativity of the Vatican at Christmastime is a different context, however.  It's the central place Christians the world over look to find the baby Jesus at the center of the Holy Family.

Many little children look forward to viewing the creche at Christmastime and this type of artwork would not provide the emotional appeal which creates a lasting memory for them.

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