Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
(12-18-2017, 12:43 AM)VoxClamantis Wrote:
(12-18-2017, 12:18 AM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: Yes, a crucifix seems more fitting.

There is nothing untoward about the Zodiac, made by God: https://www.fisheaters.com/zodiac.html

The original Zodiac that is, not the zodiac of the heliocentrists:

The story which the Zodiac unfolds in the course of the year lies in the meanings of these names given by God to each of the star-clusters [‘Praise the lord: He tells the number of the stars; he calls each by name.' (Psalms 146)] in its forty-eight constellations when He set them in order in the beginning, making of them, as the Psalmist says: “faithful witnesses in heaven” (Ps. 88:38) of His plan for the world… Put in proper order, beginning not with Aries as now deployed, [Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces] but with Virgo and ending with Leo rather than with Pisces, the Zodiac foretold in the stars the story of the Incarnation, the Redemption and the world to come long before the Bible was written. Virgo is of course the Blessed Virgin and Leo is Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, universal Lord of Creation. (This incidentally, provides the answer to the mystery of the Sphinx which, having the head of a woman and the body and tail of a lion is therefore simply a representation in stone of the ancient Zodiac).[1]

[1] Solange Hertz: The Sixth Trumpet, Remnant Press, Minnesota, 2002, p.11.

It will come as no surprise then, in the context of that great battle of principalities and powers resulting from that martial decree of Genesis 3:15, to find occult agents commandeering the Zodiac phenomena and signs for their own needs and to blind humanity to their original purpose of creation. First the sun replaced the Earth at the centre of the Zodiac. The heliocentrists then turned astronomy into astrology, insisting the positions of the sun, moon, stars (and planets) were Earthly spirits, ghosts and other agents who joined the heavenly angels and all began to influence planetary formations in a manner that, they said, had a direct effect on human behaviour and our destiny depending on where these cosmic bodies are within the Zodiac belt. This way the astrology ‘signs’ became the object of fraud, superstition and the occult, with men and women claiming to read personal prophesies and messages from the ‘gods’ in them. So, just as the signs in the stars were hijacked for diabolical purposes, an astrology that became a useless occult belief system for vast numbers of people throughout the last few thousand years even to this day, so too would God’s astronomy be hijacked and replaced by a heliocentrism that would also be used to serve the occult forces on Earth. The Catholic Church of course, absolutely rejects the idea that the sun, moon or planets could actually influence or predict one’s personal present or future behaviour. The Church teaches that men have free will and that God alone knows the future.

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