Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Nativity Scene
Once again, what makes an obelisk dedicated to pagan gods different from a temple dedicated to pagan gods? Or how about a pillar taken from a temple dedicated to pagan gods? Is the moral issue with the fact that the object was devoted to pagan gods or is the issue that it vaguely resembles genetalia? By the way, pillars have been associated with phallic symbols in many cultures.

We are no longer bound to the mosaic law which commanded the destruction of objects, cities, etc. devoted to pagan gods because it was superseded by the new law. Otherwise we would have to destroy the temples as well. Not to mention Rome itself.

The author of that site is a heretic, thus he does not have the faith and has no business instructing others in the faith. Protestant interpretations of scripture hold no authority whatsoever. That's not an ad hominem, that's a fact. The only people who do have authority to interpret scripture have no problem with the obelisk.
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