Parish priest breaks the silence, shares that he is gay
Quote:I went to the fifth floor of the seminary building, opened the window and climbed into it — with one leg inside the room and the other leg dangling outside. There I sat straddling the window for three hours contemplating whether I could face the truth of being gay or simply jump out of the window ending this once and for all.

If his disorder psychology and attraction was not enough, this incident he recounts here is one of the clearest reasons he should never have been allowed any farther down the road toward ordination.

Contemplating suicide shows he not only has zero understanding of the moral law, and zero prudence in judging the relative importance of things, but also that he simply does not understand what the priesthood is, when his mental conversation was : "Should I decide that I'm a homosexual, should I commit suicide and suffer in Hell for all eternity? I know what I'll do, I'll become a priest!" 

He's lost the plot and the point of the priesthood of Christ, which is all about sacrifice. A real priest is the first victim of his own priesthood.

This poor man still cannot give up himself. He can't decrease, so Christ can increase. He has to be the center of attention.

The worst part is that when it comes time for his Judgment, he will be judged not merely on these gruesome details we see, but on his priesthood as well, and to what extent he used that priesthood as he should have. Unless something changes, I seriously doubt that will go well for him.

Let's be sure to pray for priests, but especially men like these that were so let down by their seminaries who should have either weeded them out or formed them correctly. They will need a great deal of grace to overcome that disadvantage.
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