Parish priest breaks the silence, shares that he is gay
(12-29-2017, 10:20 AM)prostrateinawe Wrote: Moreover, what I have proposed is completely in line with what you have quoted:

Quote:49. When the Christian supper gradually assumed the nature of a liturgical action those who customarily presided over the supper acquired the sacerdotal character.

50. The elders who fulfilled the office of watching over the gatherings of the faithful were instituted by the Apostles as priests or bishops to provide for the necessary ordering of the increasing communities and not properly for the perpetuation of the Apostolic mission and power.


What you have quoted says exactly what I was arguing: the presider eventually "acquired" the sacerdotal (priestly) character.

I'm glad we agree that what you propose matches what I quoted. It removes the difficulty of having to prove that what you said boils down to those proposition.

Unfortunately for you, those are condemned propositions ... they are defined by the Church as false propositions of the Modernists, so to profess them would be to profess heresy.

Again, I invite you to abandon your heretical notions before your simple misunderstanding of the Faith takes on a more formal element and you reject what the Church teaches.
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