Questions about Eucharistic Ministers?
Hello everyone,
I am a cradle Catholic, but I am only just having my eyes opened to the beautiful traditions of our faith! I long to find out more and participate in Mass as reverently as I can, as I have found that my relationship and love for Jesus has deepened so much since discovering Traditional Catholicism :heart:
I am extremely thankful to my university for celebrating Mass daily on campus, as it has been immensely helpful in my faith journey. While many of the young people there are very reverent (kneeling for communion, veiling, etc) the Mass is not a traditional Latin Mass, and so I have a couple of things that are confusing me about reverence in a Novus Ordo Mass, especially concerning Eucharistic Ministers.
Should we avoid at all costs, receiving Communion from a Eucharistic Minister?
Secondly, if both the Body and Blood of Jesus are being offered at a Mass, should we not receive the Blood of Jesus if it is given by a Eucharistic Minister? I.e: would it be more proper to forgo receiving the Blood of Jesus entirely, than if we received Him from a layperson or altar boy?
I hope that makes sense. I'm sorry if these questions have been posted dozens of times before, I just can't seem to find conclusive answers! Thank you in advance!
Dominus meus et Deus meus :heart:

“It's true, I suffer a great deal--but do I suffer well? That is the question.”
~ Saint Therese de Lisieux

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