Anyone a question for an ex-mink farmer?
How are mink treated humanely, and in what way are they killed?

Are mink intelligent animals?  Are they intelligent enough to have some degree of awareness of their fate, or are they completely oblivious right up to the moment they are killed?

What would their life be like in the wild? What makes mink special that other alternatives, either synthetic or other animals, are less appealing?

If you are not the person doing the slaughtering yourself, have you noticed if the slaughterers tend to become numb to what they are doing over time?  I imagine they would be aware that they are ending something's life and that, any degree of heart in that person would make them have to become callous to it in order to continue doing it year after year.  What, if anything, do they have to do yo avoid it turning them cold-blooded sonewhat?

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