Prayers for a successful job interview
(01-16-2021, 09:41 AM)Andrew_ST Wrote: Hi! I'm looking for advice. I had 2 failed interviews. The fact is that I was constantly nervous and did not get lost in conversations. Also on 1 interview I was asked to start talking about myself and I didn't know where to start.
My advice is to prepare, prepare, prepare.  Have an answer and practice beforehand how you would answer the prompt to start talking about yourself.  Give your educational and work experience background, your strengths as an employee, what you believe about teamwork, anything unique you can contribute to the job, and add in some personal (but not too personal items) such as a hobby you enjoy in your free time or books, movies, music you enjoy.  It helps the interviewer to see you as a fellow human being as well as a good fit for the company.  

There are many youtube videos that give advice about how to prepare for and how to conduct yourself in an interview.  You may even find some targeted for the industry you work in.  They also often give advice about how best to answer common interview questions.  

Come up with a list of questions you have been asked in the past and with new ones you find online, then write down and practice the answers you would give for each of them.   It will help with nerves if you are prepared.  Remember to smile, give a firm handshake and direct eye contact when you meet with the interviewer.  Read up on the company your are interviewing for.  It shows you aren't just there for any old job but in a sense you chose to apply for work there because you believe in the work they do and their dedication to it.  Be prepared to tell them what you like about the company and why you would like to work for them.

Also have a few questions you would like to ask them about the job or the company.  They usually do ask at some point, if you have any.  It's helpful to show that you are thorough, thoughtful and detail-oriented.

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