Survive in a Novus Ordo parish inspite of having Traditional Catholic leanings...?
(01-22-2018, 03:36 AM)AndreasIosephus Wrote: I am a Roman Catholic from India and unfortunately, in our country all Traditional Catholic movements have been suppressed...

A good friend of mine is an SSPX priest in India, and tells me that they operate at 15 Mass centers throughout India, one of which is an orphanage and school, operated by sister who care for abandoned children and adults. Some only very occasionally have Mass, but I would hardly say that means that in India "all Traditional Catholic movements have been supressed."

There is Sunday Mass ever Sunday in : Chennai, Goa, Palayamkottai, Mumbai (both Malad and Vasai), Nagercoil, Singamparai, Christurajapuram, Trichy, and Tuticorin. That's eleven places to get a traditional Mass each Sunday throughout India.

Coonor gets two Masses on consecutive weekdays once a month. Bangalore gets an occasional Mass. Asaripalam get a Mass once a month on the first Sunday.

It certain may be possible you are nowhere near such sites, but there is a lively and active traditional movement in India.

I appreciate that you want "want to be a part of parish activities" and "feel a call to be a part of the various associations such as the 'Legionaries of Mary,' Catholic prayer groups, etc.," but to what end.

You mention that the SSPX faithful are actively persecuted by the hierarchy and clergy. Perhaps that's for a good reason, if they are as liberal and awful as you suggest.

So if you want theĀ traditional Mass and Sacraments as much as it sounds you do, why not suffer what you need to suffer to get these?

What is it you are seeking out? Peace, ease? Parish activities? Tradition? The good of your soul?

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