Non-English Traditional Catholic Media
(01-25-2018, 04:12 PM)GangGreen Wrote: Is it me or does the traditional Catholic media seem to be focused on the English speaking world? Does anyone know any non-English trads in media? Who's the Michael Voris of Italy or France? Do they exist? 

I'm of course most interested in Italian language trad sites, but it'd be interesting to compile a list of foreign trad sites for those who speak/are learning other languages.

I know for a while the Remnant had a Spanish translated site, not sure if it still exists.

"Un Café con Galat" is a Spanish speaking Catholic enterprise based in Colombia.   It functions as a sort of EWTN of the Spanish speaking world, but it is of a Traditionalist mindset.  It is said to reach 35 countries and tens of millions of viewers.  The owner recently made international headlines when he publicly stated his opinion that Pope Francis was elected to the papacy unlawfully.

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