Putting Pope Francis into Perspective
(01-30-2018, 12:45 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: Z, I was referring to the poster who attacked you. Unfortunately, whilst I agree that satanic forces were behind Francis' election, the fact is that Benedict resigned canonically, and Francis was validly elected. God is punishing us.

Noted. But I must disagree about the Canonical resignation. I believe he was forced out and that globalists were at the center of this, so that an 'unknown' could come into position to stir up the active trait of the Masonic Globalist: Chaos. Who better than a proponent of South American Jesuit concocted Liberation Theology, like Frank?

Frank's election was invalid due to the coercion surrounding the illicit 'resignation. Benedict wears white in quiet rebellion, being to ill to fight. Yes, indeed, God is punishing, especially, those of us who are complacent!
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