Putting Pope Francis into Perspective
(01-30-2018, 03:47 PM)formerbuddhist Wrote: Some of the stuff he says and does are sickening.  I have pretty much completely stopped attending church at all but keep up the Office. I cannot in good faith put myself in communion with Francis. While I love much of the western patrimony i must love it apart from the Roman Church.  Honestly I fail to see how trads or even eccentrics like me are doing anything more than tilting at windmills at times!

I keep to the Office and the Jesus Prayer because I love them, but I must love them as an outsider.  Quite frankly I'm ashamed of the Roman Church, what it's become, and I've got no defense for it.  I cannot defend what it's become.  it's beyond just a bad pope, it's a papally led assault on the Traditions that have only reached their apex with Francis. The papacy will forever remain THE Achilles Heel of the RCC as far as I'm concerned.

Lets not forget, that we are indeed in the end times and that the Church must suffer much as Christ did, and so, as in the time of Christ's last sufferings, the Church will appear strikingly similar. At His death, He was mangled to appear unlike He had before the torments; He was bloodied, broken and in agony as He neared His death on that cross. Only a few women and one Disciple were at the foot of that cross. All of His 'loyal' followers had fled and denied Him.

How like this situation of Christ's last moments, do we see similarities in the condition of His Church today? How many are fleeing from His Church? In so doing, do they not remove their voices of resistance to the nefarious changes that are taking place? Does that not give these forces more ease in effecting their changes? Does one run from the face of the ill and injured because they look so disfigured, or do we ignore their disfigurement and step in to treat their disease, to cover their wounds and clean up the blood and gore they have experienced and help them back to health?

Bare in mind that ALL of the Apostles that fled from Christ's Cross, died martyrs deaths.

I prefer to stand strong in the Traditions we have been taught, as Paul said in Thessalonians. These are the things to 'hold fast' to.
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