Would a schism be a good thing for the Church?
(02-10-2018, 12:14 AM)MyCupOverFlows Wrote: I hear you. For true believers this is an issue, the rest of the people do not care. Today I had to go to my youngest child's prayer service, I felt like I was in the twilight zone. The theme was "Mindfulness" - as it progressed the teachers who lead the prayer services began talking about Buddhism and Hinduism. I was like WHAT???!!! They said" it is important to meditate and be mindful of those things which are important to us, the Monks of these faiths meditate daily. Christians should draw from this meditative practice held by them and be mindful of what is important to them. You could meditate on Mary or something or someone you hold dear and apply that to your life". Then another teacher got up with some kind of bell that looked like something in a Buddhist temple and said when I strike the bell I want you all to be mindful of what you want to be. She struck this bell which had this long drawn out ring that made me want to vomit. My daughter looked at me from across the room and rolled her eyes as I shook my head.

I am going to rip her out of that school. I am paying for a Catholic education and I am getting garbage. I will probably have to send her out of the school district because the public schools leave much to be desired. I am going to give them an ear full first. I have had enough of this garbage! Not only that, I am sitting there looking around watching all these sorry souls just sucking down this nonsense, like it was an enriching experience.  It is craziness!!!!  Also,the Priest there has a little too much sugar in his tank . He wasn't there, good thing for him because he would have gotten an ear full.

After I heard that stupid bell, I thought to myself, And they omit the bell of consecration at mass, and now they are ringing pagan, demon summoning bells. GIVE ME A BREAK! My family and I are not going to run all over the place for a true priest, I'll stick with my Lord, my husband and I will break bread and drink wine in memory of Christ. I do not need to take it from a heretic! The Holy Spirit is not with the heretic priest anyways. At least my family truly loves Christ. The Holy Spirit is who transform the bread and wine into our precious Lord and Christ.
I feel for you I do because I had  my daughters in catholic schools in the late 90's and until they reached highschool. I was shocked at how much things changed in catholic school but in our case most of the lay teachers were traditional catholics however I found over time that many of the parents were using the catholic school for reasons other then wanting their children to learn about the catholic faith. Many parents were not catholic, and the local catholic school was cheaper then other private schools. Some parents were divorced and finding a cheaper private school seems to suit them in shared custody purposes. Some parents put their kids in catholic school because it was cheaper then other private schools and also on the way to their jobs! I also learned that many catholic pastors have not wanted to keep running todays catholic grammar schools and were glad when they could shut them down. I don't blame them.

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