South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head
(02-15-2018, 10:43 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote:
(02-15-2018, 09:54 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote:
(02-15-2018, 08:46 PM)Jeeter Wrote: The poacher becomes the prey. I love the irony. Or, in my vernacular, “payback is a medevac.” Stupid poachers.

(02-13-2018, 04:35 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: Those lions work undercover for the CIA!

I have a video here....


I have a video that shows it was actually a lioness. :D

How do you know?  Maybe she was transgender?  I have a thread... :D

Please be advised that some of the lionesses may be immodest. 

Animals!   :D

LOL! That one made my day.  Thanks!
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