incensing the casket?
Peace.....Several years ago, my mom passed away and I arranged her funeral and funeral Mass.  Before I arrived at the Parish with family and casket,  the guests were already sitting in the pews.  During the funeral Mass, I noticed suddenly the casket was not being incensed and even though I wasn't pleased, felt I should not yell out to the priest and ask, "Aren't you going to incense the casket?"  The funeral Mass ended, and people gathered outside where 2 guests approached me and said, "I have never seen that before - and wanted to ask you about incensing the casket?"  I responded saying, "I don't know why that didn't take place and will be contacting the priest later to inquire."  So, when I contacted him, he said that one of my guests came to him before I arrived with family and the casket and said, "Please don't use incense; I don't like it and am allergic."  (My feeling was that she should have not interfered with my mom's funeral arrangements and that she could have stayed at the back of the parish or stepped outside during the incensing.  (This funeral took place in June)  The priest re-assured me that not incensing the casket didn't change the funeral rite and because it was your guest, I accommodated her.  So, I explained that this was my mother and I was doing the arrangements, and I should have at least been consulted or ask her to step back - which he didn't do.  I checked later with another priest in an area farther away and he said it didn't change the funeral rite.  What are your thoughts on this?  Would you have some difficult feelings about this if it was your mom or anyone for that matter?  (Novus Ordo Mass)  My mom if she was here, would say, "Keep the Peace....." - I have a prob with that too at times, because we can be trampled on - but I did keep the peace knowing God saw it all.  Tks!  angeltime :incense:

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