Sort of a strange question for those raised as Catholic, traditional or otherwise
I am somewhat older than you but my experience growing up was almost exactly the same.  12 years of Catholic school with many nuns (still in habits until high school) but we were all poorly catechized.  I remember Mass before VII and the changes that came after VII.  Even as a child I liked the pre-VII better.   I believe that after VII the Sisters really didn't know what to teach us, so much changed so quickly.   We did Scouts thru Church, my brothers were altar boys, I sang in the Church choir - even played guitar for those Saturday evening guitar Masses - but I don't remember EVER reading the Bible at home or in school.  Mom was of the generation that believed that if you followed the rules, checked the right boxes (Mass on Sunday, check......Holy Days of Obligation, check) that made you Catholic.  We said the Rosary occasionally at school Mass and did the Stations of the Cross during Lent but it all felt mechanical or old-fashioned.  I liked it when the Church sanctuary was a bit dark, very quiet and mysterious and Holy, with glowing candles and Latin.
I left the Church for several years but found my way back, did a lot of reading and praying - self education.  I spent some time with Protestant churches and found them to be shallow, happy-face, emotional, and, well, unsatisfying.    My daughters religious education (12 years Catholic school) was probably even worse than mine, she is not practicing.   Now the grandkids are in Sunday School/Catechism and it seems to be of better quality than mine.  And we are now at a parish with two great priests so we are lucky.  I miss the dark, quiet mysterious sanctuary, there is a lot of chatting before and after Mass now, no sense of the Holy.
But I still fight the acedia inside.

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