Answering the Historical Jesus and Jesus Mythicist crowd
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(03-05-2018, 11:10 PM)GangGreen Wrote: Right. When it comes to the Gospels we know that they were written by the the Apostles or their immediate followers. However, their intended audiences were certainly not the same. They were written for different people of different cultures and preexisting beliefs. That's why certain things were stressed out expanded on in each of the different Gospels.
Peace.....yes, I understand your reasoning.  We can also emphasize more or less on what we like or dont like personally, so the story builds all around that point.  One has to be a very good reader to read between the lines and a very good listener to hear the TRUTH.  (It is a grace to know the difference - My sheep know my voice - in other words!)  When I was young at school, it was my chore to give the weather report for the day and I always emphasized sunny with a bright cheery face and posture and then rainy days with a sad face and downish posture - finally the teacher told me not to do that - and I think this is why - because I gave the impression of what I personally liked and didnt like in the weather.....haha!!  I was only about 10 yrs old...angeltime

There's another aspect of the differences in the Gospels too, especially when it comes to John.  I really really like the history of John and his writings.  John had a very special relationship with the Lord.  It appears that to John, Jesus imparted knowledge, or made him to understand things that no one else grasped at the time.  John had this very well developed theology and unique way of explaining who Jesus was.  This made the Gospel seem more sophisticated, and therefore scholars assumed it had to come later in time.  But again, the latest research shows this isn't true.  

Instead, what is clear is that John had insights that he treasured and taught to others, and eventually it became absorbed into the broader Christian community.  This wasn't schismatic or anything like that.  It was just John treasuring a particularly deep understanding of the Lord.  His own understanding based on grace and his closeness to Christ.  The reason that the Johannine group wasn't schismatic is evident in John's Gospel.  It's clear that Jesus treasures his relationship with John, but even then, John asserts Peter's primacy ("Feed my sheep" etc).  It would be the easiest thing in the world for John to say that because he was the beloved disciple, he was the Big Man on Campus; instead he deferred to Peter.  

I guess my point is just that John wasn't simply writing a Gospel for a different audience.  He was revealing a unique insight into Jesus based on his privileged relationship with Jesus, and that's why his Gospel is different.
Peace.....I can see that this is how Jesus would have left all of this for us - there is something for everyone to read into at various times of their lives, but also culturally and to fit other languages  - like parables.  We know we can read scriptures at different times (the same passage) and it can mean something different to us each time we meditate on it - this is the importance of meditation.  Jesus did  say, Let anyone who understands this, understand it.....his relationship with everyone and each one then, would be different, just as it is with us now.  God bless, angeltime :)

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